November 27, 2006

Triple Crown Bouldering Comp at HP40

Filed under: Rock Climbing — pj @ 11:36 pm

A belated post to cover some rock climbing activities: Saturday, November 4, Jason Young and I drove over to HP40 for the 2nd part of the Triple Crown Bouldering Comp. Jason drove down to my place the night before. We got up around 5pm and drove out to Alabama. I’ve never participated in a rock climbing competition before. I didn’t really plan to participate in this one, but I wanted to hang out with Jason and I also wanted to climb. Spectators had to pay, and they may or may not be allowed to climb. So, I bit the bullet and registered to compete. The competition part of my first competition did not go so well. Basically, I got used all my energy trying one hard problem over and over. That’s not the smart thing to do when your total score is for your 10 best boulder problems. Oh well. It’s not like I could have beat Jason (this year) even with a perfect tick list. The weather was nice. Maybe a bit warm for projects, but nice for somebody like me that doesn’t have any projects at HP40. I got to hang out with Jason and see some old Friends. This coming weekend, on December 2, Jason and I are planning to go to the next part of the Triple Crown at “The Stone Fort”. I’ll try and get some pictures.

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