November 14, 2006

ListingsTech booth at National Association of Realtors Conference

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ListingsTech got a booth at last weekend’s NAR show in New Orleans. My procrastination actually helped a little here… we got a pretty good both location – a corner in the middle of the trade show floor. I guess somebody canceled. After a frantic week of last minute preperations, Laurie, Robert Clments and myself packed up and drove down early Friday morning. 

The NAR show went well. We were pleased with the good list of sales leads we left with. We spent a lot more hours on the show floor than for a SEC or Exemplar Setup Toolkit trade show. Friday was 3 hours, Saturday and Sunday had 7 hours each and Monday was 5 hours. The long hours were good and bad. For the style of consultative sales we are doing, it worked out well because I had time to spend with each customer. I was talking with sales leads for almost all hours of the show. The bad part was we didn’t have much time to spend in New Orleans. Other than some nice dinners, Laurie didn’t go out at all. Robert and I went out to hear some bands and see a friend of his Saturday night. We were out late. Sunday morning started out rough!

After getting some good response on Saturday, I thought Sunday and Monday for sure would be slow. Saturday was the busiest day, but we got good leads on Sunday and Monday, too. I got a really good lead Monday right as the show was about to close. (more…)

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