February 16, 2007

readme.txt vs. readme.html

Filed under: .Net,PHP,Programming — pj @ 6:53 pm

I’m mulling over the idea of publishing some of the development tools I’ve created. For right now, I’m just looking for a simple way to allow “friends and family” to see my notes and source code for a few key projects. I don’t think many people on my list will have the time and energy to download and compile stuff (unless it’s something they happen to need right away). I personally like to kick the tires of interesting projects around a bit first by browsing the source code.  So, what I have in mind is a web interface to a Subversion source code control repository. The idea of browsing my project folders via the web brings up the idea of using readme.html files. I’ve considered this idea more than once in the past. (more…)

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