May 3, 2007

ABCDEFG HDMI which TV for me?

Filed under: Home Theatre — pj @ 12:42 am

Prices on High Definition TVs (HDTVs) finally fell. A month or so ago, the manufacturers decided they had soaked the sports fan market for all it was worth and lowered prices to where the rest of us might consider a new TV. There is still not enough (non-sports) HD content available. There are just a handful of HD DVDs available to rent at my local Blockbuster and though my satellite provider, DirecTV, has a handful of HD channels available now, they are promising a lot more “real soon now”. 

For various reasons, I recently needed a new TV for the basement. As usual, I did my homework and bought a TV.  So, which TV is the right one for you? Getting the ideal TV is kind of complicated and depends a lot on what you want to do with it… (more…)

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