March 12, 2013

New Domain Name Scams

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Most people know about Cybersquatting, but there are plenty of other scams involving domain names. Here are a few:


A friend forwarded me an email yesterday with a scam I haven’t seen before. He¬†received domain name spam that looked like this:

Take time to secure today.

We understand the importance of capturing all similar Domain Names in alignment with your business. Make an offer today in order for us to go after the domain name for you.
To confirm interest in owning this domain, fill out form here:


When I checked yesterday, the domain name was registered to a company with a name something like ¬†“China Domains” (too bad I didn’t save the page). The domain was set to expire in a year. When I checked the domain name today, it was unregistered. It looks like somebody is combining spam with domain tasting… so creative!

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