May 27, 2013

Free DNS Servers on Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Filed under: Networking,T3city — pj @ 7:47 pm

Recently, I was researching how to run Ubuntu instances on AWS. I found The free tier includes 750 hours for EC2 Linux Micro Instances and 30GB of EBS storage. After clicking around, I figured out this is what you get with the Micro EC2 Instance running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS:

  • The default Ubuntu 12.04 LTS AWS image boots on a 8GB  root partition created on EBS. This allows you to run a a normal Ubuntu server. If you create a larger EBS partition, Ubuntu will automatically expand the file system on first boot, but 8GB should be plenty for a typical DNS server.
  • The Micro Instances includes 600MB of RAM
  • I thought I read that the Micro Instance includes 2 CPU cores, but the image I booted only shows 1 CPU.

This should be fine for a backup DNS server. (more…)

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