November 27, 2006

Atlanta (1/2) Marathon

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On Thanksgiving day, John Hull and I ran the Atlanta 1/2 Marathon. John lives downtown and his girlfriend was willing to drop us off at Marta at 6am, so I spent the night with John. I had been working like crazy getting ready for the NAR show, so I had not much at all in the month. I managed to keep up John for a few miles, but around mile 3, I told John to go ahead without me. After about 4 miles, I felt pretty darn tired. I managed to keep running to the finish line, but I was not feeling fresh. My time was just under 2 hours for the 13.1 mile course. I finished in 337th place in my age group. Well, at least I got some good training in. Hanging out with John and Kara was fun. By the time we got to Thanksgiving dinner at Laurie’s aunt and uncle’s house, I was ready to eat!

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